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Can we host parties & events?

The retreat is a place of quiet, rest and solitude. Therefore, no parties, gatherings, weddings or events are allowed. Quiet hours are 10pm-8am daily. Commercial use of the property and photo shoots are approved on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire directly for more details. For events, parties & gatherings, please contact the venue 1 minute up the road from us: Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

Can we bring our pets?

There are only 2 pet-friendly cabins on property.  A max of 2 pets are allowed at the Rustic Funk & Sweet Pine cabins with a $50 pet fee. This fee does not cover damage, so guests remain responsible for any damage their pets may cause in addition to this fee.  Pets are not allowed at any other condo or cabin.

Smoking | Vaping | Candles | Incense | Fires

No smoking, vaping, candles, or incense are allowed inside any cabin or condo on property. Smoking MUST occur outside the property, and all windows must be closed when smoking. A $500 fee will be charged if this requirement is not followed. No campfires are allowed outside for any reason - no exceptions. If a staff members sees a fire at any location on the property, the responsible guests will be reported to law enforcement and removed from the premises immediately, without refund.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Please be sure your booking is final before paying. Our booking requirements are strict. If you cancel 2 weeks prior to your booking date, we will issue a 50% refund. Beyond 2 weeks, no refund will be issued for any cancellation. We honor our guests need to alter their booking dates, as we understand that sometimes things come up. However, we cannot accommodate alterations to be made within a week of a guest's intended arrival. A reservation cannot be altered more than once.

Internet | Cellular Connectivity | TV

Our WiFi internet service is terrific & strong! We have 100mbps Centurylink high speed fiber. Upon check-in, click the WiFi calling option on your phone, so you can make calls over WiFi. There is little-to-no cell service on property - it is spotty at best. You can get cell service 1-2 minutes down the road (toward town). All units have a smart TV, with basic YouTube TV service.

Checkout Protocols

1. Check-out time is 10am
2. Clean all used dishes, pots & pans
3. Leave all used towels on the bathroom floor 
4. Do NOT make the bed
5. Leave your trash in the trash can, & recyclables in the recycling bag
6. Set heat to 68°F in winter months
7. Shut and lock all windows and doors
8. We love hearing about fun experiences from our guests! Please leave us a note in the guest book. =)
9. Double check the cabin/condo, as it is not uncommon for our guests to accidently leave some of their belongings behind.

How do we reach you?

All guest communications are handled via email, and on the various booking apps and websites where we advertise. We have multiple team members who manage the property, that are able to answer any questions you may have. Our normal hours of communication are between 7am-9pm daily via Airbnb.

What are your cleaning protocols?

Each unit is professionally cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival. Following the cleaning, each unit undergoes a quality control inspection by an independent team member. Each unit has a HEPA3 air filter, which is run between each stay. You are welcome to run it during your stay as well! We replace the filters every 3-6 months. If you find anything unsatisfactory upon your arrival, please let us know immediately - we will resolve it promptly! We can't address your concern if we don't know about it.

Guest Services

There are no guests services available onsite, and the units are not cleaned/refreshed during your stay. Please plan accordingly if you will be staying for an extended period of time. If you would like your unit serviced during your stay, we can arrange a cleaning for a $50 fee.

Transportation & Access

4WD is not necessary to access the property, as it is located off of a paved/state-maintained road, though you may feel more comfortable in an AWD vehicle in the winter months. We certainly do! We plow and shovel the property for guests if more than 4" of snow accumulates on the ground. Shoveling/plowing usually begins between 7am-8am, and can take all day if it dumps. If you wish to sleep in, and do not want us to shovel your cabin, please make certain to request in advance.

Early Checkin | Late Checkout

Because it requires our tiny team of cleaners to adjust their normal schedules, we are able to offer an early check-in of 2pm for an additional $50 fee. We are able to offer a late checkout of 11a for an additional $50 fee, or 12pm for an additional $100 fee. Please let us know in advance of your arrival if you would like us to coordinate their schedules accordingly. Your credit card will be automatically charged these fees for any unapproved late checkouts.

Lost & Found Personal Items

It is not uncommon for guests to leave personal belongings behind. If we find something you have left behind, you can arrange a time between 9am-3pm to pick it up in person from one of our helpers. For small/lightweight items, we charge a $25 flat fee to ship the item to you. This includes shipping & packaging. It typically takes a helper an hour to properly package the item, drive to the post office, mail the item, and return to work from the post office. We must pay our helpers properly for their time. So, we must charge for their extra time. For large/heavier items, the shipping/packaging fee will be higher.

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